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start small, grow big

In order to make my services accessible to small businesses they are structured to allow you to hit the ground running with a relatively small commitment. You can then add more services on a needs basis for an incremental lean strategy that will work with your time and cash-flow needs. Below are some examples of how we can work together.


lean fundamentals workshop & tour
2-4 hours
upto 12 people

You and your team learn the fundamentals needed to apply lean systems thinking to your entire operation. The workshop includes:

  1. an introduction to lean including 5S, 7 wastes, kanban, kaizen, lean culture, etc
  2. a hands-on lean manufacturing game
  3. a tour of a local lean company


value stream map (VSM) & opportunities assessment
2-4 hours of your time

You will walk me through an entire set of existing systems & processes and in doing so I’ll collect the data I need to draft a VSM assessment. The VSM will allow me to produce a highly-prioritized kaizen opportunities and recommendations action-items list. When implemented by you the ROI (i.e reduced inventory, turn-around time and labor) of these action items will outweigh your cost to me.

example VSM
example opportunities and recommendations


in-person “gemba” guidance
My goal is always to empower you to move forward without much guidance. However, lean is a journey of continuous incremental improvement that never ends. As you push your boundaries of lean thinking I’ll always be available to come in and help out.