Consulting Services

A lean culture of collaboration starts with leadership committing to making it happen.

Lean needs leaders that serve with humility; that invest in their people by allowing them to experiment and make mistakes; that look beyond the short term profits and play the long game.

I see my job as training and coaching leadership on how to start and sustain their lean journey, while training and facilitating everyone as they learn the intricacies of  lean culture, tools and theory.

Lean is not that complex. I can give you a 2-3hr introduction, tell you which books to read and you can theoretically take it from there. However, that does not stop us from falling off the bandwagon. Just as people need a personal trainer to help them turn up to the gym, you might find you need me to help you turn up and work on your lean journey.

I provide 3 kinds of consulting services:

  1. Training
  2. Coaching
  3. Facilitation



I offer lean workshops for clients both off- and on-site. All my workshops are part of a bigger-picture approach to lean that is rooted in a culture of collaboration built by the owners, leaders and co-workers of any organization. Workshops can be tailored to your time and organizational needs.

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I specialize in coaching owners, leaders, managers of all levels in their lean journey. My varied background as an entrepreneur, leader, strategist and teacher gives me a unique set of skills that allow me to relate to people at all levels of an organization. I coach both individuals as well as groups in the tools, theories, knowledge, and self-exploration needed to build a lean culture.



Sometimes you need a moderator to facilitate a lean event (e.g. kaizen event). Sometimes you need someone to moderate a challenging topic. Sometimes you need an outside eye to stand by and watch.

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