lean efficiency consulting

bye bye waste, hello happiness


school of hard knocks

I did not learn lean in a classroom or at a large company. A combination of self-study and using my own manufacturing business as a living lab gained me a unique perspective on how lean works in small business. I now love nothing more than to empower other small businesses with my own version of lean based on the tools developed by Taiichi Ohno of Toyota to drive efficiencies and reduce costs. I do this by educating you and your staff on finding the opportunities that will drive immediate efficiencies and process improvements without costly capital investments. My hands-on approach to small business lean implementation ensures that we hit the ground running within hours of working together.


my services

My services are intended to help you increase your profits by eliminating all non-value added work (think of non-value added work as anything your customer is not willing to pay for). I’ll coach you on how to use lean tools to reduce waste, simplify existing operations, and produce the highest quality products in the shortest lead-times possible. My deliverables are aimed at empowering you and everyone, in all departments, from the owner down to the shop-floor to:

  1. develop and implement your own lean operational systems
  2. develop a workforce culture of continuous improvement
  3. eliminate waste and reduce costs

In order to make my services accessible to small businesses they are structured to allow you to get a quick ROI with a relatively small commitment. You can then add more services on a needs basis for an incremental lean strategy that will work with your time and cash-flow needs. Below are examples of how we can work together.


lean fundamentals workshop & tour
2-4 hours
upto 12 people

You and your team learn the fundamentals needed to apply lean systems thinking to your entire operation. The workshop includes:

  1. an introduction to lean including 5S, 7 wastes, kanban, kaizen, lean culture, etc
  2. a hands-on lean manufacturing game
  3. a tour of a local lean company


value stream map (VSM) & opportunities assessment

You will walk me through an entire set of existing systems & processes and in doing so I’ll collect the data I need to draft a VSM assessment. The VSM will allow me to produce a highly-prioritized kaizen opportunities and recommendations action-items list. When implemented by you the ROI (i.e reduced inventory, turn-around time and labor) of these action items will outweigh your cost to me.

example VSM
example opportunities and recommendations


in-person “gemba” guidance

My goal is always to empower you to move forward without much guidance. However, lean is a journey of continuous incremental improvement that never ends. As you push your boundaries of lean thinking I’ll always be available to come in and help out.



teaching a lean class at Plywerk