photo credit: Grovemade


I led a company wide “hands-on” lean fundamentals workshop and took the majority of the production crew on a tour of the Leatherman factory in NE Portland. Worked with the COO and CEO to gather data for the drafting of a value stream map (VSM) & opportunities assessment for Grovemade’s iPhone case production line. Recommendations (based upon the VSM & opportunities assessment) were then presented to the CEO and COO.


Having already practiced lean manufacturing principles for 4 years, we were pleasantly surprised to see what perspective Kjell could bring from the outside.  He quickly challenged us on deeper questions on why we were doing things the way we were and that lead to some real actionable items of improvement.  He leverages first hand practical experience in manufacturing and theoretical ideals of lean for real world solutions that are realistic.  That combination allows him to be an effective consultant and teacher.

Ken Tomita, founder & CEO


Grovemade is a Portland, Oregon based product design and manufacturing company. They produce consumer goods focused on art, design, craftsmanship, and natural materials.


Kjell knows lean inside-out. He quickly identified areas in our organization that were in need of improvement, and then worked with our whole team to raise awareness and create actionable steps for change. I was impressed by how quickly we were able to take immediate action on Kjell’s recommendations allowing for an almost instant return on our work with him.

Jim Hassert, COO


photo credit: Grovemade
maple & leather iPhone case – photo credit: Grovemade
photo credit: Grovemade
photo credit: Grovemade