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Kjell van Zoen, Lean Consultant in Portland, Oregon, Coach, Teacher, Workshops - vanZoen LLCKjell van Zoen

Serial entrepreneur & operations nerd, born in the Netherlands in 1977, moved to the U.K. in 1989, moved back to the Netherlands in 2002, moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004*.

* before it was cool

Community Consultant at LEANPORTLAND.com
Brand Ambassador at PORTLANDMADE.com
Married to PHOTOSBYKIM.com
Co-Founder of PLYWERK.com



Lean Kitchen
Lean Kitchen: doors removed for efficiency.

I adopted lean operations while running my own manufacturing business, Plywerk, from 2006-2016. I also used lean to forward the company’s’ eco-conscious business practices, and gave over 200 local leaders “lean and green” tours of Plywerk.

I engage with clients through vanZoen LLC, teach lean at Portland Community Collage, offer my services to non-profits through Lean Portland, am a brand ambassador for Portland Made, and regular speaker on lean, green and local manufacturing.

I’m a leadership & operations super-nerd. I believe great leaders do not tell people what to do. Great leaders serve with humility; invest in their people by allowing them to experiment and make mistakes; look beyond the short term profits and play the long game. They are cultural influencers and coaches who support and motivate all individuals to work together for the better of all. I love to inspire people to be a master at what they do, and train them on how their unique skills influence and fit into the big picture of the organizations operations.

When I’m not nerding out on operations I’m a science-fiction fan, biker, hiker, swimmer, yoga practitioner, and drive my wife crazy by taking the doors off of the kitchen cabinets as part of 5Sing our home for optimum efficiency.

Work history and more at LinkedIn… /kvanzoen