SEM Coach & Lean Operations Consultant

I'm an SEM Coach & Operations Consultant for Energy 350 in Portland, Oregon.

I am dedicated to helping organizations operate as efficiently as possible by reducing energy use and doing more with less.

I'm an eco-conscious serial entrepreneur, whole systems thinker, operations nerd, speaker, and forever student of lean, to name a few.

I have owned multiple business, lived in 3 countries, and when not nerding out on lean operations I like to cut wood for my EPA approved stove, read science fiction, hike, bike, practice yoga, and spend time with my wife (

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Kjell van Zoen, Lean Consultant in Portland, Oregon, Coach, Teacher, Workshops - vanZoen LLC

What Is Lean?

Trying to dilute lean down to a 30 second elevator pitch is hard. Here's the most concise definition I have come up with up so far:

Lean is a way for people to interact and work together that employs whole-systems thinking applied to organizations operating within our current economic paradigm.

What?! Read on.


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Lean Workshops

Every month through Lean Portland. Always affordable, no one will be turned away. View and register here.

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