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I am dedicated to helping organizations operate as efficiently as possible by increasing cash flow and happiness for both the customers and staff.

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Who Am I?

I’m a serial entrepreneur, operations nerd, speaker, local manufacturing ambassador, and forever student of lean, to name a few.

I have owned multiple business, lived in 3 countries, and when not nerding out on lean (which is less and less these days) I like to cut wood for my EPA approved stove, read science fiction, hike, bike and practice yoga.

I’m married to PhotosbyKim.com.

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Kjell van Zoen, Lean Consultant in Portland, Oregon, Coach, Teacher, Workshops - vanZoen LLC

What Is Lean?

Trying to dilute lean down to a 30 second elevator pitch is hard. Here’s the most concise definition I have come up with up so far:

Lean is a way for people to interact and work together that employs whole-systems thinking applied to organizations operating within our current economic paradigm.

What?! Read on.

Kjell has been, and will continue to be great to work with. His comments and suggestions aren’t just what you want to hear. They are what you NEED to hear. That’s how you separate a great consultant and a salesman. Kjell isn’t interested in just selling you. He wants what is best for you.

John Williamson, Director of Operations at Hartmann & Forbes, Inc


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